For the climate and for our common future:

Leave the rainforest alone!

Scientists tell us that forest conservation is one of our most effective tools for solving the climate crisis. It's also the cheapest solution.

We need committed people like you.

This year has seen the hottest day, week and month on the planet in 120,000 years. Europe has once again experienced record high temperatures, forest fires, water shortages and crops drying up. People have lost their possessions and their livelihoods. Our food security is at stake, and this is just the beginning.

The good news is that we can still fix this. The preservation of intact forests is one of our most effective tools. In addition, it is also the cheapest solution.

The rainforest captures and stores at least 1000 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2). This is the same as the world’s total carbon emissions for 26 years! When the rainforest is destroyed, it simultaneously releases the greenhouse gases it has stored for millions of years. In fact, the annual CO2 emissions from the destruction of rainforests are greater than the emissions from all the world's planes and cars combined!

Instead of taking care of this amazing carbon capture and storage facility, we are destroying it. We have to stop this, and we need your help!

Portrait photo of a man.

"The Amazon must be allowed to put on weight again. The intact forest that remains must be protected, and deforested areas and pastures must be regenerated. If we are to achieve our climate goals, we need to protect the entire Amazon and its incredible properties as a carbon store, producer of rain, and home to a quarter of the world's known animal species."

Anders Krogh, Significance of Rainforest Special Advisor at Rainforest Foundation Norway.

Do you want to help us save the rainforest?

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A little means a lot. You can contribute and make a big difference.

A donation of 10 USD to Rainforest Foundation Norway preserves 21 trees for one year!

Save the rainforest!

Rainforest Foundation Norway is subject to government oversight and annual audits. We are approved by the Norwegian Control Committee for Fundraising in Norway. Approved organizations are required to follow specific accounting rules and are subject to external control mechanisms. They must submit annual reports that are made publicly available. Our annual reports are available here. (In Norwegian only)

What does Rainforest Foundation Norway do?

  • Contributes directly to the protection of 720,000 square kilometers of ​​rainforest. That’s an area approximately the size of Norway and Sweden combined!
  • Supports patrols and guards so that local communities in the rainforest can stop illegal loggers themselves.
  • Provides legal training and awareness of basic rights to the people who live in and off the rainforest.
  • Contributes legal assistance to court cases so that Indigenous peoples and forest peoples get legal recognition of the rights to the rainforests in which they live. Our experience is that where Indigenous peoples and forest peoples get legally recognised rights to their own forests, they remain standing.
  • Provides training and technical equipment so that Indigenous peoples and forest peoples can document use and rights to their forest, and thus avoid the authorities granting forest rights to logging and mining companies.
  • We participate in a number of international processes concerning rainforests and the rights of Indigenous peoples, including international climate negotiations and the UN Human Rights Council. In close collaboration with our partners, we work to ensure that donors and financial institutions such as the World Bank, implement policies that secures the rights of Indigenous peoples and preserves rainforests.
  • In Norway, we have a close dialogue with, among others, the Ministry of Climate and the Environment about Norway's rainforest investment and the Oil Fund about investments in rainforest-destroying businesses.