Our whistleblowing channels

Rainforest Foundation Norway is commited to full transparency and accountability and we want to improve the quality of our work. If you have any suspicions of financial irregularities, harassments or other misconduct, this should be reported.

You have an important role in raising your concern if suspecting a serious misconduct that should be prevented or corrected. You do not need proof of your suspicions, but all messages must be made in good faith.

We encourage comments and complaints about our work to be raised and discussed with the responsible staff and managers as close to the activity as possible.

In addition, there are three different ways to report irregularities:

1. Report to Rainforest Foundation

E-mail: RFNanticorruption@rainforest.no. This e-mail address is accessed by RFNs Chief Financial Officer only.

Reporting by post: mark the envelope “Confidential notice” and send to: Chief Financial Officer, Rainforest Foundation Norway, Mariboes gate 8, 0183 Oslo

The report should include:

  • Full name and position (unless you want to remain anonymous).
  • The organization where the circumstances occurred.
  • The period, and date and time if applicable, of the circumstances concerned.
  • The precise description of the circumstances (i.e. what has been witnessed, and where).
  • The identity and contact details of other people who may have more information, if applicable; any known previous circumstances involving the same person(s).

2. Report to the external whistleblowing channel

Reporting anonymously: You can raise your concern anonymously by using our Reporting channel, managed by a third-party WhistleB. The Reporting channel can be reached on any device, including smart phones.

Report anonymously here

For more information, please see FAQ for whistleblowers, and this short introduction film on how to send a message.

3. Report directly to Norad – our main donor

Norad's Whistleblowing channel can be reached via e-mail: varsling@norad.no

When reporting directly to Norad via varsling@norad.no, please use Norad’s report form for whistleblowing. For more information about Norad’s Whistleblowing channels, see Norad's website.