What we do

Rainforest Foundation Norway has a rights-based approach to rainforest protection. Research and our own experience have shown that the most effective way to protect the rainforest is to secure the rights and opportunities of its traditional populations to manage the forest for the long term.

The rainforest is home to millions of people. When the forest is destroyed, they stand to lose everything: their homes, their culture and their future. These people have a strong motivation to safeguard the rainforest, and are its natural guardians. This is why we are working closely with them to preserve it.

How we work on the ground

Because we work closely with forest peoples, we are present on the ground in 8 rainforest countries, supporting programs and projects in cooperation with local organizations, indigenous peoples, and traditional populations of the rainforest.

How we achieve political change

Through resolute, goal-oriented political efforts, we work to influence government actors at the local, national and international levels to improve existing legal frameworks, policies and practices that affect forest-dependent peoples and rainforest ecosystems.

We have made a difference

Here are our most important victories