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Indonesia’s primary forest and peatland moratorium now permanent
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Indonesia’s primary forest and peatland moratorium now permanent

Indonesia’s president Joko Widodo recently signed an order for the moratorium on logging in primary forests and peatlands to be permanent. Rainforest Foundation Norway praises the move but points out important weaknesses.

Jungle schools can save the rainforests

Jungle schools can play a significant role in achieving the two overarching goals for Rainforest Foundation Norway: Saving the rainforests and securing the rights of indigenous and forest-dependent peoples.

Peru and Norway sign major agreement for forest protection

“Urgent need for improvement in Peru’s policy on forests and indigenous peoples”, leading organizations say.

The battle for the rainforest begins now

1.1 million km2 of tropical forest, three times the size of Norway, have been lost in twelve years. Meanwhile, all remaining rainforest countries are planning extensive rainforest destruction in the near future. If these plans are not reversed, we may soon lose half of the Amazon rainforest.

Norway’s conflicting role in Indonesia

On the one hand, Norway invests huge financial capital in Indonesia’s efforts to reduce deforestation. Simultaneously, Norway’s Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG) invests in precisely the industry sectors that constitute the greatest threats to Indonesia’s forests.

Storebrand pulls out from the palm oil industry

Storebrand, the largest private pension fund in the Nordic region, is divesting its shares in eleven of the twelve palm oil companies in which it is invested.