Call for proposals – Study on how deforestation-induced climate change affects agricultural outputs in Brazil

Rainforest Foundation Norway (RFN) is seeking a consultant/a team of consultants/an academic institution to undertake a research study on how local and regional climate change caused by the deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon has affected agricultural production over the past few decades.

DEFORESTED: Deforested area in the Brazilian Amazon being prepared for planting. Photo: Edmar Barros

RFN is one of Europe’s leading organizations in the work to protect the world’s rainforests and strengthen the rights of indigenous peoples, in cooperation with indigenous and environmental organizations in Southeast Asia, Central Africa and the Amazon.


The objective of this research is to investigate how the local and regional deforestation-induced climate change and weather disruptions have affected agricultural outputs in Brazil over the past few decades, and how this has spilled over to the local, regional, and national economy. Also, the study should evaluate how large-scale reforestation of the Amazon could benefit agricultural production in the future through restoring the local and regional climate and weather patterns.


The purpose of this research project is to produce reliable scientific grounds for effective advocacy arguments for urgent introductions of policies and actions in the Brazilian agricultural sector that could lead to both stopping the deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon and restoring the forest on large areas that today are either barren land or under some kind of agricultural use.

Timeline and budget

The research project is expected to be conducted over a period of 6 working months (including inception phase), with regular progress reports/updates and milestones. The frequency of progress reports will be determined in inception phase.

Total budget is 70.000 USD.

Qualification and composition of the team

The review shall be carried out by one or more consultants. Among the proposed teams, RFN will select the team that provides best value for money based on a consideration of a) to what extent the team is well suited for the task, emphasizing in-depth expertise (including academic work) and the relevance of the specific technical expertise and experience of the team member(s), and b) the costs expressed in daily fees.

When assessing the qualifications of the team, RFN will look particularly for the following:

  • Demonstrated research skills including research methodologies
  • Experience from analysis of similar nature
  • Good understanding of the dynamic between forests and agricultural production, including knowledge of relevant contexts.
  • Language proficiency in Portuguese and English. If languages cannot be covered by the team, please present a plan (incl. budget) for the use of translators.

Consultant’s proposal

Questions regarding the assignment can be submitted to

The candidates must submit the following:

  • CV of the team leader for the assessment, team roles, and a summary (maximum two pages combined) of their qualifications as well as experience in carrying out similar activities and examples of results obtained, sources and amounts of funding for such projects, and a few contacts for reference.
  • Proposed methodology, local geographical focuses on which to base the research, and which types of crops/livestock to investigate (max 4 pages).
  • An overall budget, including daily fees based on 8 working hours per day. If team members have different fees, the expected division of labor between them must be indicated. Include any other costs necessary to carry out the review. Travel costs will be agreed separately, based on economy class travel, and compensated according to Norwegian government travel regulations.

Proposals must be sent to (cc: by the end of November 10th 2023, marked with “Deforestation, climate change and agricultural outputs in Brazil” and your organization’s name in the subject field.

Anders Krogh

Significance of Rainforest Special Adviser, Policy
(+47) 411 40 674