Call for proposals – Rainforest protection in Germany

Rainforest Foundation Norway (RFN) is seeking a consultant to develop RFN advocacy for increased German efforts to protect the worlds tropical rainforests.

Photo: Araquem Alcantara

RFN is one of Europe’s leading organisations in the work to protect the world’s rainforests and strengthen the rights of indigenous peoples, in cooperation with indigenous and environmental organisations in Southeast Asia, Central Africa and the Amazon.

Purpose and scope

RFN believes it can contribute to increasing and improving German efforts to protect tropical rainforests, including through international climate and biodiversity policy and finance. We are seeking a consultant to contribute with the following objectives:

  • Develop recommendations for how RFN best can contribute to German efforts for tropical rainforest protection for the period 2024-25, based on RFNs current capacity and budgets, RFNs strategy and defined objectives (RFN strategy), and considering RFN specific added-value and the current landscape of public, private and NGO engagement on the topic in Germany.
  • Develop and help implement selected RFN efforts in Germany until the end of 2025, in cooperation with RFNs international advocacy department.
  • Evaluate and recommend further development of advocacy efforts in Germany beyond 2025.

The recommendations and evaluations are for internal use in RFN.


The recommendations for advocacy efforts for 2024-25 is to be concluded by 1 November 2024.

Evaluation and recommendation for advocacy efforts beyond 2025 is to be finalized by 1 September 2025.


RFN will select the consultant that provides best value for money based on a consideration of a) to what extent the consultant is well suited for the task, emphasising in-depth expertise on forest and/or environment policy internationally and in Germany, and b) the costs expressed in daily fees.

When assessing the qualifications of the consultant, RFN will look particularly for the following:

  • Demonstrated experience in relevant advocacy efforts
  • Experience from analysis and development of advocacy efforts of similar nature
  • Access to and knowledge on relevant German stakeholders and policymakers
  • Language proficiency in German and English

Consultant’s proposal

Questions regarding the assignment can be submitted to

The candidates must submit the following:

  • CV of the consultant
  • A brief letter of interest (max one page), explaining the rationale for why the consultant is suited to deliver on the proposed objectives of the consultancy
  • An indicative amount of time expected for the consultancy (for example in % of full-time contribution). Time for the consultancy will be agreed with RFN after selection.
  • Daily fees based on 8 working hours per day

Travel costs will be agreed separately, based on economy class travel and compensated according to Norwegian government travel regulations.

The consultant is liable for their own tax, VAT to local authorities, and relevant social costs.

Proposals must be sent to (cc: by the end of the 27th of May 2024, marked with “Consultancy Germany”.

Anders Haug Larsen

International Advocacy Director
(+47) 932 17 626