Call for consultancy: Scoping study for financial mechanisms in Peru and Brazil

Rainforest Foundation Norway seeks team(s) of consultant(s) to undertake a study on the strategic relevance and approach for a Multi-Donor Trust Fund in Peru and Brazil.

AMAZON: The Amazon rainforest. Photo: Shutterstock

Rainforest Foundation Norway (RFN) is one of Europe’s leading organizations in rainforest protection, with more than twenty years of experience and a wide network of partners in all major rainforest regions. RFN works to preserve rainforests and their ecosystem services, while promoting the rights of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPs and LCs) to their traditional lands and resources.

With the aim to speed up action for protection and better management of the most intact forests in border between Peru and Brazil, RFN will support the setting up of one or several financial mechanisms for IPs and LCs.

We are currently looking for consultants in Peru and in Brazil to help us deliver this year the first phase of the project and to support the discussion with our partners on how to guarantee the direct funding for communities on the ground.

Key Milestones and Expectations:

  • Delivering a scoping study exploring possible modalities such as trust funds, or others, with an analysis of pros and cons of creating new or aligning with existing structures.
  • Proposing the process and timeline to legally establish and register the funds, while reflecting the inclusive and highly participatory nature of the financial mechanisms.
  • Facilitating participatory process and decision making with indigenous leaders and other allies during key events this year - a binational meeting of IPs and LCs representatives, New York Climate Week and COP16 in Colombia.

Application Process:

Before responding to the invitation, please read the Terms of Reference which contains the full information about the objectives, requirements and selection criteria. If you find the assignment interesting and relevant for you or your team, send the required documents (as listed in the ToR) to Ogi Sobat at at the latest by 31.07.2024

Join Us in Making a Difference! We look forward to partnering with you.

Ogi Sobat

Senior Grants Manager, Peru and Colombia Program