The threats

Isolated tribes are some of the most vulnerable people in the world. Uncontacted people in the rainforest are facing huge threats from the outside world. These are the threats we must stop. 

The world's last isolated tribes are in acute danger. Roads, industrial agriculture, and oil, gas, mining and logging operations, are constantly pushing their way into the isolated tribes' territories. The forest is destroyed and the isolated tribes are forced to flee further into their ever-shrinking home.

Diseases that threaten isolated tribes 
Introduced diseases are a common death cause. In the worst cases, entire tribes can die of such foreign diseases. 

If contacted, a simple flu can can kill half the population of an entire tribe within just months. People who have lived in isolated tribes their whole lives do not have immunity to common diseases. In a Nahua tribe in Peru, half of the tribe died from diseases that spread after a short period of contact with outsiders. Read Juan's story. "The disease wiped out my entire family" 

Those who survive the diseases often lose access to their traditional land, and they struggle to adapt to the new world they are forced into. Their culture collapses and many become discriminated, abused, many fall into prostitution and slavelike working conditions.

Logging is destroying more and more of the rainforest. The isolated tribes are forced to flee further into the forest. 

Fences in the Chaco

Nomadic tribes used to move freely, but there are now fences that mark off private owner's land, here in Paraguay. 

Portrait of man

Shury was contacted by missionaries but lost his tribe because of it. Now he is always looking for food to feed himself and the rest of his family. Always hungry and on the move. 

Illegal logging road

WHY RAINFORESTS DISAPPEAR: The roads needed to remove logs from the rainforest pose a big threat to isolated tribes.

Massacres of isolated tribes 
Illegal loggers, cocaine smuglers, gold miners and cattle rangers are known to persecute and kill isolated tribes. Organised massacres of entire groups of isolated tribes have been reported, with several cases just over the last 30 years.

But perhaps the worst of all, is that the governments in the countries where these atrocities happen often turn a blind eye to them. In some cases, they may even facilitate them.