Help save the rainforest!

The tropical rainforest

It's the oldest ecosystem on earth and it's teeming with life. Up to 80 percent of all land-based animal and plant species and millions of indigenous peoples live here. Unfortunately, the world’s rainforests are severely threatened and rapidly disappearing because of human activity.

When the rainforest is destroyed, valuable cultural and biological diversity is lost. Beautiful plants. Spectacular animals. Unique indigenous cultures. And more species of ant in a single tree than in the whole of the United Kingdom. Gone forever.

We can’t let this happen!

When we lose the rainforest, we aren’t just losing a treasure chest of life, but also one of our most effective tools in the fight against catastrophic climate change. An intact forest with rich biodiversity is nature’s own technology for capturing and storing enormous amounts of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that, if released into the atmosphere, traps heat and acts as a major driver of climate change.

That’s why our mission is to strive for a world where the rainforest is protected and the rights of indigenous peoples respected.

Support the guardians of the rainforest

We fight for indigenous rights, not only because it's the right thing to do, but also because indigenous peoples are the guardians of the rainforest. Where indigenous peoples’ rights to their lands are upheld, the rainforest remains intact. By supporting their fight to defend their rights and protect their land, we can save the remaining rainforests.

Working together with our partners, we've directly contributed to the preservation of rainforest areas almost the size of Norway and Sweden combined, but we need to save more. We can’t do this without your support and the support of countless others who care about nature and respect for human rights.

So please consider supporting the rainforest by giving a donation to Rainforest Foundation Norway. Your donation will make a difference.

Thank you.

Rainforest Foundation Norway is subject to government oversight and annual audits, and is a member of the Norwegian Control Committee for Fundraising (Innsamlingskontrollen). They make sure that your donation goes where it's supposed to go. Around 87 % of our income and donations go directly to the cause. The rest goes towards administration and generating donations and engagement for the preservation of the rainforests.

Rainforest Foundation Norways information page at the Norwegian Control Committee for Fundraising (In Norwegian)