RFN seeks proposals for evaluation (mid-term) of Norad-funded program

Rainforest Foundation Norway (RFN) is seeking a consultant/a team of consultants to undertake an evaluation (mid-term) of RFN’s program “Civil society as catalyst for rights-based, sustainable rainforest protection”, a five-year program funded primarily by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD).


Rainforest Foundation Norway (RFN) is one of Europe’s leading organisations in the work to protect the world’s rainforests and strengthen the rights of indigenous peoples, in cooperation with indigenous and environmental organisations in South-East Asia, Central Africa and the Amazon.

RFN’s program “Civil society as catalyst for rights-based, sustainable rainforest protection” is a five-year program funded primarily by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad). The program started in 2018 and ends December 2022. RFN implements the program together with 52 partners, in seven different countries. The annual budget is about 97M NOK. The program builds on results and experiences from a previous five-year program “Advancing rights-based rainforest protection and the rights of indigenous peoples” from 2013-2017.

The program is divided into four subprograms (three regional programs, in the Amazon, Asia/Oceania and the Congo Basin) and one global policy program), each with individual results frameworks. All four subprograms are organized according to three common overall and long-term outcomes:

1) Indigenous peoples and forest-dependent communities are able to define and fulfil their development needs within the framework of rights-based sustainable rainforest management.

2) Policy and legal frameworks prevent destruction of the rainforest and safeguard indigenous and forest peoples’ human rights.

3) Rainforest destruction and human rights violations resulting from commercial activities of public or private businesses are significantly reduced.

Read more in the Terms of reference for the evaluation

The task

The evaluation will assess:

1) The added value of RFN for strengthening civil society to become a catalyst for change.

2) The effectiveness of the program in achieving results.

3) The synergies within and across sub-programs (theory of change and program design).

4) The adaptive capacity and learning from changing realities/contexts.

We foresee that this evaluation will require approximately 6-8 weeks of work (desk only, no travelling), and we would like to have a final report in hand by November/December 2021. We ask the interested candidates to submit a proposal with hours, rates and possible deadlines for deliveries (see below under “Consultant’s proposal”).

For further details on evaluation questions, scope, methodology and deliverables, see the Terms of reference (lenke)

Desired qualifications and composition of the team

We are seeking one or more consultants, who can be based both in or outside of the countries identified under scope in the Terms of reference. The combined qualifications of the evaluation team shall as a minimum constitute least five years’ experience on evaluation or work experience from working with civil society organizations (ideally also indigenous) at local, national or international levels.

RFN will select the team that provides best value for money based on a consideration of a) to what extent the team is well suited for the task, emphasising in-depth expertise (including academic work) and the relevance of the specific technical expertise and experience of the team member(s), and b) the costs expressed in daily fees.

When assessing the qualifications of the team, RFN will look particularly for the following:

  • Good understanding of monitoring and evaluation, and results management as practiced in ODA-funded NGOs.
  • Experience from reviewing/evaluating activities of similar nature, including projects run by small and/or indigenous organizations.
  • Good understanding of indigenous peoples’ rights and collective sustainable forest management.
  • Demonstrated research and evaluation skills including research methodologies including qualitative data collection and analysis.
  • Language proficiency in Portuguese/Spanish, French, Bahasa Indonesia, (and ideally also Norwegian) in additional to solid English. If all languages can not be covered by team, please present a plan (incl. budget) for the use of translators.

Consultant’s proposal

The proposal must be sent to ane@rainforest.no no later than August 8th, 2021. Please write Mid-term RFN Norad in the subject heading.

The proposal must include the following:

  • Consultant’s interpretation of the task.
  • Proposed methodology and suggested timeline.
  • A budget for solving the task, including daily fees based on 8 working hours per day. If team members have different fees, the expected division of labour between them must be indicated.
  • Any other costs necessary to carry out the review.
  • CV of all consultants in the team and a brief summary (maximum two pages combined) of their qualifications.
  • Summary of 3 recent and relevant evaluations (2 pages max in total).
  • 2 recent references.

Candidates will be given the results framework for the programme upon request. Questions regarding the assignment can be submitted to ane@rainforest.no and the answers will be shared with all registered candidates. Due to vacation time in Norway in July, answers should be expected within a week, and not the same day.


Ane Schjolden

Senior Advisor, Knowledge and Learning
(+47) 478 34 540